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Optimize How You Collect Reviews
Optimize How You Collect Reviews

Learn how to optimize how your review sites are ordered based on what's best for your company and your customers.

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Why Optimize? 

Allow NiceJob to optimize the order the review sites show based on what is best for your customer, potentially winning you more reviews as a result.

Optimize helps remove roadblocks that can prevent a customer from leaving a review. For example, if they're not signed into Facebook, its much harder for a customer to leave a review. So in these cases, with Optimize on, NiceJob may suggest another review channel that is easier for the customer.

Optimize also ensures that repeat customers leave invites on different review channels. If a customer leaves a second review on Google, you don't actually get a second review. The first review that customer left is just replaced. With Optimize, we'll make sure each time a customer leaves a new review, it's left on a different review channel.

And Optimize helps you get reviews where they matter the most. We can analyze your current reviews, and other factors that may make a specific review channel more important. In those cases we'll prioritize the channel that's going to get you the most results.

How to enable optimization

Simply head to your review site settings here and toggle on the 'Optimize' slider. 

Prefer to do it yourself? 

No problem! You can simply drag your review sites into the order you prefer!

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