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Connecting Clio to NiceJob
Connecting Clio to NiceJob

How to connect Clio to NiceJob and what the connection does

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Connect NiceJob to Clio and automatically follow up with your clients for a review upon closing a Matter or sending an Invoice. Reviews received can be automatically shared to your website and social media accounts to provide social proof and attract new clients with your great reputation. 💫

NiceJob users can also choose to manually share a clients information to NiceJob’s system to send a manual review invite through a Custom Field in Clio.

What is Clio?

Clio is a leading legal practice management and client intake software. Clio has two products: Clio Manage and Clio Grow. Together, these two cloud-based products can enhance the way any law firm operates.

Clio Manage is our core product offering. Manage is the industry's leading legal practice management software that helps manage clients, organize cases, and automates tedious tasks.

Clio Grow, formally known as Lexicata, is our client intake and CRM software that helps standardize the client intake process, build strong relationships, and get powerful data insights to grow your firm.

For more information about Clio and it’s products, visit their website.

How to connect Clio to NiceJob

Connecting your Clio account in NiceJob is easy!

  1. In your NiceJob account, navigate to the the “Apps” tab in “Product Settings”

  2. Click the “Connect” button next to the Clio logo and follow the instructions to authorize the connection.

  3. You’re all set! 👍🏼

What does the Clio connection do?

Upon Connection to Clio:

  1. Upon connecting your Clio account, NiceJob will automatically import your list of contacts and companies (if different from contacts), Invoices, Matters, and employees attributed to a Matter.

  2. Immediately after connection, NiceJob will automatically trigger review requests to contacts whose Invoices have been sent or Matters have expired within the last 30 days.

  3. NiceJob will sync all future contacts and companies (if different from contacts), Invoices, Matters, and employees attributed to a Matter into NiceJob.

After Connection:

Automated Review Requests

Upon closing a Matter or sending an Invoice, NiceJob will automatically trigger a review request campaign

Manual Review Requests

Within the Contact page in Clio, users will see a Custom Field to “View In NiceJob” that will take them to the profile of the contact in NiceJob and manually trigger a review request campaign at any time.

Data we'll send or receive

  • People

  • Employees

  • Cases

    • Open/closed

  • Invoices

    • Amounts & dates

Bookings, conversations, payments, and visits are currently not imported.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I think the connection is not working?

Just email us at or click the blue chat icon in the NiceJob app and let us know! We'll test it and make sure you're up and running.

How do I remove the connection?

Simply click the “Manage” button next to the Clio icon on the “Apps” page under “Product Settings” in the NiceJob App and select “Disconnect” from the pop-up screen that appears. NiceJob retain previously imported information but will no longer import contact information from Clio. No more automated review request campaigns will be sent.

How do I prevent invites from being sent to certain customers?

At any point before you close a Matter, you can prevent that customer from being automatically enrolled in a review campaign by going to their profile within NiceJob, clicking the ellipsis symbol (...) next to their name and clicking the “Block” button. This will prevent this client from being enrolled in any review campaign until they are unblocked.

Does Clio send employee data to NiceJob so that my reviews can get automatically attributed to the right employee?

Yes, lawyers or employees attributed to a Matter will be attributed to the reviews received within NiceJob so that you can take advantage of the Employee Leaderboard feature and track which employees have been receiving the best reviews and ratings.

Do you connect with Clio Manage or Clio Grow?

At the moment we only connect to Clio Manage

Is there a limit to the amount of contacts NiceJob can import from Clio upon connection?

There is no specific number of contacts that NiceJob can import from Clio upon connection, however if you have thousands of contacts to be imported we cannot guarantee that all of the will be imported. When connected, NiceJob will sync all new contacts.

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