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What are Topic Insights and how do I use them?
What are Topic Insights and how do I use them?

Learn how to leverage Topic Insights to understand what your customers are saying about your business

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When looking for ways to grow your sales, do you ever look to your reviews as a way to know what makes your business stand out? Well you should because your reviews are a gold mine of insights! 💫

Reviews are the single source of truth of what your customers care about and what they say about your business, so you can use them to know what to leverage in your marketing and where to focus on improving.

*Enter: Topic Insights!* 👋

So what do Topic Insights actually do?

NiceJob Topic Insights take all of your reviews and quickly surface the topics that feature most often. This isn't just keyword analysis either, we use machine learning to understand the context of the sentence or phrase and assign the appropriate topic, which makes them even more representative of what your reviews actually say about your business.

Where can I find these insights?

Navigate to the Insights tab and then select Topics. Or just click here.

How can I use Topics to grow my business?

Here are some ideas...

  1. Take your top mentioned positive topics and leverage them in your marketing! These are the things your customers think you do best and make you stand out as a business

  2. Click into each topic to see example reviews of where these topics were mentioned, and quote them to provide social proof!

  3. Set goals of which topics you would like to be known for, and work towards increasing their mentions in your reviews

  4. Look at the top mentioned negative topics to understand where you may be able to improve on the service you offer to your customers

  5. Compare time periods to see how your review topics may have changed over time

  6. See which team members are contributing to each topic, so you can better manage performance and recognise great work

  7. If you are a business with multiple locations, see which location is contributing to your topics from the 'all companies' view

If you have found other ways to use Topics to grow your business and improve your reputation, please do share with us at we'd love to hear from you! 😃

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