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I don't see all of my reviews relating to a Topic
I don't see all of my reviews relating to a Topic

Understand why you might see fewer reviews relating to a topic in your Stories page versus the number of reviews in the Topic Insights page

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So here's the problem... you have you gone to your Topic Insights page, and clicked on a Topic you want to get more detail on. Next, you want to look at which reviews actually feature that Topic (so that you can quote them in your marketing or perhaps reach out to that customer to learn more about where you can improve) so you click the number to drill down....

But, in some cases, when you get to the Stories page, the number of reviews shown are fewer than that displayed on the Topics page. Why is that?

The reason is that you may have deleted one or more reviews from your Stories page. That doesn't delete the review from wherever that review was left (e.g. Google, Facebook etc) so that review still exists and counts towards your Topic Insights, but it just doesn't show up on your Stories page.

Can I restore a review on the Stories page once I have deleted it?

No, but if you know where that review was left (e.g. Google), you could disconnect Google from NiceJob then reconnect and that review should reappear.

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