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What does 'repeat enrollments' mean?
What does 'repeat enrollments' mean?

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When you are editing the entry rules of your campaign, you are asked whether or not you want to 'allow repeat enrollments'.

What this means is that you are deciding whether or not you want to allow your customers to be re-entered into the campaign any time they match the campaign entry rules.


If you had your Get reviews campaign entry rule to be 'booking complete', then any time you complete a booking for that person they will be entered into the Get Reviews campaign. But what if they are a recurring customer and you complete a booking for them every other week? You wouldn't want the same review invites to go out to them every time you complete a job right? So you have a couple of options here:

1) Toggle off 'allow repeat enrollments' which means they will never be allowed to enter the campaign more than once even if you complete multiple bookings for them ongoing.

2) Toggle on 'allow repeat enrollments' but set a 'minimum time between enrollments' (e.g. 180 days which works out to be about 6 months) which essentially works as a cool down period for that customer, so they can be re-enrolled when you close another job for them in the future but not for a designated period of time to give them some space.

What are the recommended settings?

Get Reviews campaign:

We recommend allowing repeat enrollments but with a minimum time between enrollments of 180 days (6 months). This means that within the 6 month period, even if you perform your service for them multiple times the review invites will not be triggered more than once. After 6 months is past, we know that customers are typically ready to receive another review invite if you perform your service for them again, and it is a great way to continue to grow your review count 😃

Get Recommendations campaign:

We recommend keeping 'allow repeat enrollments' off here. This is to ensure we strike a good balance between getting the results (referrals) and keeping your customers happy (not sending them too many messages) 👍

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