Why isn't my Google page showing up?

Double check that your Google My Business page is verified. We are not able to connect to a page that is not verified by Google. Here is a help article with more detail on how to do that.

Why do NiceJob need read, write, edit and delete permissions for my Google My Business page?

We need this access in order to pull over your reviews and post stories to your Google My Business page. Google requires that we ask for full access even if we only need to use part of it - it is the agreement that Google will ask you to make for any company that you would give access to any part of your Google My Business page. We totally understand that this seems like a scary thing to do! We promise you that we will not delete anything from your listing and we are only looking to view your reviews and to post on your behalf with your permission.

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Which Facebook log in should I be using?

Make sure you are connecting using the personal account log in that your business page is connected to (don't worry we don't share any information with your personal page, it is simply a way for us to access your business page).

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Why does it ask me for my Facebook log in when I am connecting Instagram?

As Facebook owns Instagram, the Instagram authentication is made through Facebook, which means you need to log in using the personal Facebook account that your Facebook Business page is connected to (which is linked to your Instagram page).

Can I connect a "creator" instagram account?

No, it will need to be an Instagram Business Account.

What are the step-by-step instructions?

In order to connect NiceJob to Instagram, two things are required:

  1. You must have an Instagram Business Account

  2. You must connect your Instagram Business account to to a Facebook page

Once you have completed those two steps then you can connect NiceJob to your Instagram Business Account:

  1. Enter your Facebook log in (using the personal Facebook account that your Facebook and Instagram Business page is connected to)

  2. Select at least one of your Instagram accounts. (Only Instagram Business Accounts connected to a Facebook Business Page will be displayed. Please note, once your Instagram account is linked to Facebook, it takes one week for the link to be verified by Facebook and be available to connect in NiceJob)

You must select the Facebook pages associated with your Instagram Business Account.

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