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Sign up or log in with Google

Need help with signing in to NiceJob with your Google account?

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To make signing into NiceJob super easy and reduce the number of passwords you need to remember (😅) we offer the ability to sign up and log in with Google 🙌

Have some questions about this feature? See below for answers...

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I sign up with Google then later change my personal email in my NiceJob account?

The email in your NiceJob personal profile is the one that you will need to use to log in to NiceJob. If you change your NiceJob personal email after signing up with Google, then that will be the new email that you need to use to log in.

However, you will now also need to create a password to log in with. To do that, go to the NiceJob log in page and click 'forgot password'. You will then be sent an email to walk you through creating a new password that you can use to log in with.

What happens if I change my email in Google?

Don't worry, we'll be able to help you log back in. Just click on the blue chat bubble and one of our friendly support team will help you out!

Still need support? Reach out to and we will help you out 😃

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