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How Does the Referrals Campaign Work?
How Does the Referrals Campaign Work?

What the Referrals campaign process looks like for your customers

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The Referrals campaign process, step-by-step:

1. The default rules for the Referrals campaign will automatically enroll your customer when they leave you a review of 4 stars or higher, or once they've exited the Get reviews campaign without leaving you a review. You can view these rules in your Referrals campaign settings 😊

2. Once your customer has been enrolled in the Referrals campaign, they will receive a message that asks them if they have any friends that they'd like to refer to your company 🤝

3. When your customer clicks the referral invite link, they will be taken to a tab in their browser where they can enter their own name and email address, then click Next ➡

4. The following screen will ask your customer for their friend’s email address and also provides them with additional options for sharing your referral invite link 🔗

5. After your customer clicks Send email, the friend they referred will then receive a Referral message that you can customize in your Referrals Settings 📧

6. When your customer’s friend clicks the link in the message, they will be taken to the Referrals Lead form which will display your customer's latest review or the next best 5 star review. From here, your customer’s friend can submit their contact details.

The friend your customer referred will also appear on the People page as a Lead once the referral message has been sent 👍

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