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How to Automate Your Gifts with NiceJob
How to Automate Your Gifts with NiceJob

Set and forget gifting delights your customers with no additional work required

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Giving gifts to turn your customers into fans is great. Automating that process to save you time is even better! 🤖

To automate gifting, select Gifts on the navigation, or go directly to Campaigns. From here you can select one of our gift automations, "Welcome new customers" or "Reward loyal customers." 🎁

For both of these automations you can choose the gift you want to give and personalize a message that your customers will receive with the gift. For "Reward loyal customers" you can choose how many visits/transactions it takes to consider a customer loyal.

Click confirm and that's it! We will automatically purchase gifts on your behalf for your customers. 💝

Note that if you do not have a valid credit card on file you will have to supply one to proceed. 💳

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't want to use the featured gifts?

In addition to the featured gifts on the setup page, you can browse our catalog 📖 for other gifts. Select the "see gift catalog" link below the gift images. Upon choosing a gift from the catalog we will bring you back to the setup page.

Do I need an integration to automate gifting?

Yes, we currently require one of the following integrations to automate gifting:

  • Jobber

  • Quickbooks

What events or transactions trigger the gift purchases?

  • Jobber: a completed booking OR visit (whichever one we detect) with a paid invoice of greater than $0.

  • Quickbooks: a paid invoice with an amount greater than $0.

What happens if I connect one of these integrations and turn on a gift automation? Are you going to send gifts to all of my customers and charge me?

No. Our gift campaigns are set to pay as you go and are not retroactive. 🎉

“Welcome new customers” example: you do a job for customer A for the first time on Monday, turns on the “welcome new customers” automation on Tuesday and do a job for customer B for the first time on Wednesday. Customer A does not receive a gift; customer B receives one.

“Reward loyal customers” example: you set the threshold to 10 transactions and have 500 customers with 10+ transactions. After you turn on the automation, we will only purchase the gifts following the next job you do for those customers.

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