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How to Optimize Your Review Campaign Conversion Rate
How to Optimize Your Review Campaign Conversion Rate

Here are some tips to increase the probability of your customer leaving you a review

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There are a few actions that you can take before sending out a review invite to increase the likelihood that your customer will leave you a review.

Firstly, we recommend always adding your customer's first and last names. Only the first name will be used in the messaging, but the last name will help the system match the customer to their review when they leave one, and ensure they don't receive extra messages 📬

Another thing you can do is upload a company logo on the Company Settings page. Your logo will be included in the 1st and 2nd email messages automatically. If an invited customer recognizes your logo, it will help them remember the positive experience that they had with your company.

When a customer is invited to leave a review, they will receive messages over text and email. Ensuring that you have both a phone number that can receive texts and an email address for all of your customers will increase the chance of them viewing a review invite message 🤳

Including a photo of the work that you did for the customer with your review invite can also increase the odds of your customer leaving you a review. This can be done when using the Get a review button on the Stories page. We will use the photo in the SMS and 1st and 2nd emails. Your customer will feel more inclined to leave you a review if they see a photo of the completed job that they hired you for 📸

Connecting more review sites will give your customers more options on where to a leave a review, and the option to leave more than one review. You can always connect more review sites on the Review Sites page. The more options your customer has, the more likely they will find a review with they will be happy to leave you a review on 👌

Lastly, it is also strongly recommended to let your customer know that they should be expecting to get a review invite message from you over text and email. Best practice is to mention it to them in person at the end of the job before leaving. If the customer is expecting to be contacted, they are more likely to trust the review invite message once they receive it 📨

Follow all of these steps before sending out a review invite to a customer and you will surely see an increase in your review conversion 📈

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