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How to View and Use Jobber Custom Fields
How to View and Use Jobber Custom Fields

Learn how to view NiceJob review insights in Jobber, and use these insights to help win more reviews and customize client experience

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NiceJob review insights are now available in the Jobber app. 🀩
This means that when you are completing work for a customer, you can view their review and invite history directly from the Client Profile in Jobber with out logging in to the NiceJob app. πŸŽ†

Jobber Custom Fields makes it a breeze to, monitor customer review history, understand your customer needs before, during and after a job and tailor the customer experience based off of the customer review history. Helping you win more reviews and save valuable time switching between apps. ⚑

What information from NiceJob will be available in the Jobber app

The review information available in Jobber is:

  1. If the customer has left you a review

  2. The overall review rating a customer has left ⭐

  3. The last time the client received a review invite

  4. Future opportunities to send another review invite.

How do I turn this on?

You just need to disconnect and re-connect your Jobber connection in your NiceJob app settings.

Once this is reconnected, all of the new features will show up in Jobber.

Once you are in the NiceJob app settings

  1. Click "Manage" next to the Jobber Logo

  2. Click "Disconnect" on the pop-up

  3. Click "Connect" again when prompted and you're good to go!

Where to view Jobber Custom Fields

NiceJob review insights can be viewed directly from the Customer Profile in the Jobber App. 😊
The review history can be found in the right hand corner of the the client profile.

If you would like to see the review and what the client said. The content of the review can be accessed by clicking on the review rating. This will direct you to your NiceJob account where the full review can be viewed. πŸš€

How to use Jobber Custom Fields to improve customer experience

Having NiceJob review insights right at your fingertips in the Jobber can provide valuable information for curating a unique and exceptional customer experience. 😎

Some of the ways Jobber Custom Fields can help win more reviews are:

  1. Know if a customer has already left a review, so you can be reminded to ask them for review when you and your team are completing the next job. πŸ‘

  2. Makes it easy to customize your customer experience based off of the last review they left. 😊
    For example, if a customer gives you and your team praise for specific action in review (ex. being on time) you and your team know that it is important to the customer and it is valuable to do it again to provide an exceptional customer experience.

  3. Capture reviews on multiple review sites from customers who have become your biggest fans, through the amazing work you do! 🎊
    For example, If a repeat customer has already left a review on one review site, you and your team are able to easily spot opportunities to prompt for reviews on other review sites. Helping win more reviews from your customers who are your most vocal fans.

  4. If you are providing a service to an existing customer you can easily check and see if they have been asked for a review. Helping you decide if it is a good time to send another review invite.

Easily Send Review Invites From the Jobber App

Sending review invites with Jobber is already a breeze with automatic invites. πŸ‘

To make sending review invites even more convenient, review invites can now be sent directly from the Jobber app as well. πŸ“€

Providing more options to control when certain customers receive review invites, keep track of which customers have revived a review invite, and makes it easy to win more reviews from customers who have not received an invite recently or at all.

Sending a review invite from the Jobber app can be done by:

  1. Clicking "invite to leave a review" in the Jobber Custom Field

  2. This will direct you to your NiceJob account and open the customer profile for the particular customer

  3. From here you can send the review invite by clicking "Get a Review" at the top of the page

  4. Or you can restart the campaign for the customer 😎

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit the review information that shows in the Jobber app?

The review insights are not editable. The information is sent directly from NiceJob and can not be changed.

Will my customer be able to see their review history?

No. The Custom Fields are only visible on the customer profile. The information is there to inform you. Therefore, it will not appear for your customer. For example, the review information will not appear on the customer invoice.

Of course, any questions you have about Jobber Custom Fields are welcome!

Reach out to our Success department through the little blue chat bubble or email your inquiries direct at

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