The Red X error

This article goes over the red X that sometimes appears when sending a manual invite and how to send an invite after the red X appears.

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Are you struggling to send a review invite on the stories page because, a pesky Red X is appearing in the place of the Invite button? ❌
Well look no further! This article will explain:

  • Why there is a Red X preventing you from sending an invite

  • How to make the Red X disappear

  • How to get that invite sent πŸš€

Why am I getting a Red X?

There are two main reason the ❌ might appear and prevent invites from being sent.

1. The contact already Exists in Nicejob - If the contact already exists in your Nicejob account the ❌ will appear when trying to add the contact again as new contact. πŸ‘Œ

To prevent accidental duplicate review invites Nicejob does not allow duplicate contacts in your account. Therefore, If the customer email or phone number is already in your People Page you will not be able to send the invite by adding the contact from the Stores Page.

2. The email or phone number is not valid
If the contact's phone number or email is not valid, or if they have been mistakenly entered in the wrong field, the invite button will unfortunately show a ❌
Don't worry though, simply ensuring the correct and valid phone number or email is entered in the proper field will solve this issue and allow the invite to be sent with ease. πŸ™‚

How to Make the Red X Disappear

Try to refreshing the browser! We know it sounds simple but, sometimes it takes time to reset the ❌
A quick browser refresh solves the this. After the browser is refreshed the ❌ will disappear and you will be able to send the invite. πŸ˜ƒ

How to Send an Invite to an Existing contact

If the ❌ appeared because the contact already exists. There are a few simples ways to send an invite to a customer that already exists in your NiceJob account. Sending an invite to an existing contact can be done by searching the contact name or email on the Stories or People page.

Sending and Invite From The Stories Page

The first way to send an invite to an existing contact is to search for the contact on the Stories Page πŸ˜„

  1. Navigate to the Stories Tab

  2. Click "Get a Review"

  3. Type the customer name, or email in the search bar. πŸ”

  4. Select the customer name you would like to invite.

  5. Click the blue "Invite" Button and the customer will automatically be enrolled in the get reviews campaign. 🎊

Sending an invite From The People Page

The second way to send an invites to an existing contact is from the People Page.

  1. Navigate to the People Tab in your NiceJob Dashboard.

  2. Find the customer you are looking for. - To make finding a specific contact simple, Type the customer name or email in the search bar in the top right hand corner and hit enter. πŸ˜„

  3. To send the review invite. Click the Blue Invite Button next to the customer name and the customer will Immediately be enrolled in the get reviews campaign.

  4. Or If you click the customer name it will open the customer profile. To send the invite simply click get a review at the top of the screen. πŸ‘

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I search a customer by phone?

It is not possible to search a customer by phone number in NiceJob at this time.

It says the customer is in the cooldown and will not let me send the invite. Is there a way for me to send the invite?

If there is not invite button next to the customer name. The customer could be in the 6 month cooldown period. The 6 month cool down period is a period of time built in to NiceJob where NiceJob will not invite a customer to a review campaign. 😎 The feature is there to prevent accidentally sending repeat messages to the same customer and turning a great customer into an annoyed one. πŸ‘

If you would like to learn more about sending a review invite to customers when they are in the cooldown period check out this article here:

Do I have to enter the full customer name to be able to search a client in my contacts?

No! Only three letters are required for Nicejob to begin searching for contact names.

Have more questions?

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