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How to view and interpret your Campaigns Data under the Campaign tab.
How to view and interpret your Campaigns Data under the Campaign tab.

This article will give you the tools you need to understand the data found on the campaigns tab of your Nicejob dashboard.

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Under the campaigns tab an in depth view of your campaign data can be viewed. This article will go over how to view your data under the campaigns tab, the different Data points that are available and what these data points mean. 😊

How to view your campaigns Data

To do this, go to the Campaigns tab and click on the campaign you would like to view. This will take you to the page for your campaigns.

Total reviews

The total reviews show how many reviews you have won that we can directly attribute to customers who have been enrolled in a campaign. ⭐
The reviews left by customers who have not been enrolled in a NiceJob Reviews Campaign will not appear here.

NiceJob matches customer reviews to campaign enrolments by name. Therefore, if a customer leaves a review under a name different than the review in your contacts, the system may not be able to match the review to the invite, and the review may not appear on your insights πŸ™

Conversion Rate

The conversation rate shows the percentage of reviews received in comparison of how many review invites have been sent. The percentage shows the conversion rate for customers who have exited the campaign.

Our usual review conversion rate ranges from 10% to 20%, depending on the level of service provided by our clients to their customers. πŸ‘This is based on the assumption that your campaigns are following our recommended best practices.

Your conversion rate for total customers invited can be viewed under your Insights Tab.

People Exited

"Exited" means customers who have been removed from the "Get Reviews" campaign. πŸƒ

There are three main ways a customer can exit the campaign:

1. They leave you a review - when a customer leaves a review, Nicejob removes them from the campaign and stops sending review reminders. 🎊

2. They have received all campaign messages - The standard "Get Reviews" campaign is 4 messages. If they receive all of the messages they are eligible to receive, the customer will exit the "Get Reviews" campaign.

3. The customer is manually removed from the campaign by being unenrolled or unsubscribed from the messages. πŸ‘Œ If you would like to learn more about Manually removing customers from a campaign check out this article here.

How to view the information for each step in the campaign messages

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page. You can view information for your campaign step by step. Here you can view:

  1. How many messages of each step has been sent.

  2. The open and click percentage for each step

  3. How man reviews each campaign step has converted.

What does 'Open' and 'Click' mean

  1. Open means how many customer have opened the review invite email Nicejob sends. Open data is only available for email. This is the case because Nicejob is not able to track if a SMS message is opened at this time.

  2. Click tracks how many customers have clicked the review link included in the SMS and email.

Fun fact, if you are concerned if the messages are being delivered checking if the emails have been opened or linked is clicked is a good indication the review invites are being delivered.πŸ“¬ A click rate of 18-25% us a great average.

How to view campaign data for a specific period time

To view the campaign messages sent for a certain period of time simply click the filter in the left hand corner and select the time period you would like to view the data for.

The defaults are 7 days, 28 days, 365 days and all time, however, custom filters can also be used to set specific date ranges, and even compare date ranges! To view your campaign data for a particular period of time simply select custom and then select the date range you would like to view. 🎯

When using the filters, please keep in mind. If a step is sent from outside of the date range you select. For example, if the First SMS step is sent before the date you select it will not show.

How to view historical data for campaign steps that have been deleted.

If you have made edits to your Nicejob campaign messages or made changes to your campaign message steps, it will not be displayed in the main campaign breakdown. However, this historical data for deleted steps can be viewed by clicking "show deleted steps".

Frequently Asked Question

Can is there a way for me to view a list of all the customers who have unsubscribed from my messages?

No! But we are working on it.

My reviews conversions are down what should I do?

We have a great article that goes over some tips and tricks for optimizing your reviews campaign for the most reviews. You can check it out here:

Also, please keep in mind the percentage can vary based on how many invites you send. For example, if 10 invites are sent and 7 reviews are left, The conversation rate is 70%. In contrast, if 1 invite is sent and one review left the conversation rate will be 100%. In this example, the case were 10 invites were sent, the conversion is lower, however, 7 reviews is much better than 1. 🌟 Therefore, if your review conversion is lower year over year it is important to take into account how many invites have been sent, in relation to how many reviews have been left. 😊

Of course, any questions you have about the campaign insights are welcome!

Reach out to our Success department through the little blue chat bubble or email your inquiries direct at

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