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How do I attribute a review to a team member?
How do I attribute a review to a team member?

Learn how to attribute reviews to your team members to track their reputation performance

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Track and attribute reviews to your team members to more easily manage your reputation, incentivize your team and reward great performance!

There are two ways to attribute reviews to your team: Automatically through our machine learning technology, or Manually.

How to manually attribute reviews

  1. Navigate to the Stories tab in the NiceJob app

  2. At the top of each review you should see a “+” sign

  3. Click on the “+” to add a team member to the review.

How are reviews automatically attributed?

  1. By manually inviting a customer to leave a review

If you or your team member is logged in to your/their personal NiceJob account profile and clicks 'Invite' for a customer to request a review, then the review that customer leaves will be automatically attributed to the person that clicked 'Invite'.

Learn how to set up team member account profiles here.

2. By connecting an app to NiceJob

You can connect CRMs (customer management apps or software) to NiceJob via this page here. When team member data from the event(job, visit, case or invoice) is available via the connection, the review generated from that job will be automatically attributed to the appropriate team member.

Please note: not all Apps provide employee information on events. To see if the ones you have connected do, please visit the relevant help article.

Can I see an overview of my team members' review performance?

Yes you can! You can see all of your team members' review stats laid out clearly in the Team Leaderboard, making it easy for you to incentivize your team, reward great performance, and know who might need extra support.

Navigate to the Team Leaderboard by clicking on the 'Insights' tab and then 'Leaderboard'. Or click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to enter a team member's email address when I add them to a review?

This gives us a key to match for team member data that may come in from an integration.

Why does a team member name show up twice in the leaderboard?

This could happen if the team member was added with two different email addresses. The email address is the unique identifier for a team member. Therefore if you manually added the team member with a second email address, or if there are two email addresses for the same team member in your connected app, then they will be treated as different team members.

Can I edit or delete team members once I have added them manually via the Stories tab?

Not currently no, but we are working on it!

Can users with a 'team member' role view the Team Leaderboard?

Yes they can! Any user of NiceJob connected to the company profile can view the leaderboard from the Insights tab.

Are team members that are listed in the leaderboard the same as team member users on my account?

Not necessarily. Any team members that you add to your account (via the Company Team page here) as users will automatically be added to the leaderboard as an team member. However team members that are listed on the leaderboard due to review attribution are not users by default, and will only show up as team member users if you invite them via the Company Team page.

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