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The Lite Reviews Plan(Legacy)
The Lite Reviews Plan(Legacy)

If still have the NiceJob Lite Reviews plan, here is what you need to know

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Where is it?

Back in 2020, we made the decision to discontinue the Lite reviews plan from our offerings as it wasn't servicing our user's needs effectively. We have kept functionality of the plan for those users who had it prior to it's discontinuation, but is no longer available for new signups.

What's the difference?

As new Reviews features are added, you may find that the Lite plan doesn't include these new offerings, but for the time being, here is a list of the differences between Lite and Standard in the form of what is missing from the Lite plan offerings:

No integrations to automate sending review invites

If you're looking to setup an automation with one of our apps to send out your review invites, you'll find that's not available on the Lite plan.
Apps listings is available in your account here:

No photo SMS

While you can still create stories and send out photo review invites to your customers to win more reviews, your customer photos will not be send out through SMS.

No campaign edits

If you're looking to change the wording of the standard messages, or pause a message from your campaign, you will need to upgrade to the Standard plan. That being said, the campaign is very successful as is, and we don't recommend editing it anyways 😊

No automated social media posts

With the Lite plan you can still share your stories out to Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter, but you'll have to do so manually through the Stories tab
You can learn more about sharing here:

No Optimize reviews toggle

Optimize helps you get reviews where they matter the most. We can analyze your current reviews, and other factors that may make a specific review channel more important. In those cases we'll prioritize the channel that's going to get you the most results. 😃

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