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How to customize your Referrals program
How to customize your Referrals program

Learn how to set up your Referrals program

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Leads that come in through Referrals have a 30% higher conversion rate than leads from any other channel. And we have just made it easier for you to win them 🎉

Get started with Referrals

Grab your very own Referrals invite link from your Referrals settings page. To get there, navigate to:

Settings > Product Settings > Referrals Settings (or just click here)

We recommend sharing that link in direct messages to your customers, or better yet add it to your email signature to make it easy for your customers to recommend you with every email 😃

Want to customize your Referrals program?

  1. Edit the copy your customer sees when they click on the Referrals invite link

This is the view your customers will see when they first click on that Referrals link. There is default messaging, which says 'Please share us with your friends!'

If you would like to edit that messaging, you can simply click into the modal preview in your Referrals settings and change the text.

Top tip: If you want to offer your customers an incentive to recommend you to their friends, this would be a great place to communicate that!

Want to reward your customers for referring you, but don't know where to start? Check out this blog article for some ideas 👀

2. Edit the message we send to your customer's friend

When your customer enters their friend's email address to recommend you, we send the friend an email on behalf of your customer. By default this is what the message says:

You can edit this message in your settings here:
By clicking this button seen below:

Looking to Customize your referrals campaigns?

Still need some help? Contact for support 😊

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