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Connect JobTread to NiceJob
Connect JobTread to NiceJob

Take advantage of the NiceJob integration with JobTread to seamlessly gather reviews and referrals from your customers!

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What can this integration do for you? 😃

NiceJob helps businesses gather customer reviews to build trust and grow their online presence. The JobTread and NiceJob integration sends customer contact details to NiceJob, which enables your customers to be entered into a "NiceJob Campaign" which means they will receive email and text reminders encouraging them to share their experiences through online reviews and referrals. ⭐️ ❤️

👀 Watch this video to learn all about the integration:

🔢 Step-by-step instructions on how to connection NiceJob to JobTread:

  1. Navigate to your JobTread Settings and click on the Integrations tab.

  2. Select the NiceJob integration.

  3. In the NiceJob integration section, click on the "Connect to NiceJob" button. Follow on-screen prompts and instructions to authenticate with your NiceJob account.

  4. Once successfully connected, use the dropdown menu to select a default NiceJob campaign that you would like to use with your customers.

🛠️ How the integration works:

  1. When you would like to add a JobTread customer contact to a NiceJob campaign, navigate to the Customer Account in JobTread.

  2. Each contact card in the customers account displays a button that allows you to add the contact to the NiceJob campaign.

  3. Once you click the button, the contact name, email, and phone number will be sent to NiceJob and automatically added to the default campaign.

  4. Your customer contact will receive text messages and emails encouraging them to help boost your reputation through online reviews and referrals based on the NiceJob campaign parameters.

By following these step-by-step instructions and understanding how the integration functions, you can successfully set up the JobTread and NiceJob integration and take advantage of their combined capabilities to automate and enhance your reputation marketing. 🎉

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