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How to Add Images to the Posts Automatically Shared to Your Social Media Feed
How to Add Images to the Posts Automatically Shared to Your Social Media Feed

An overview of how to add photos to automatic social media posts and prevent a blank space from appearing on the reviews shared

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Do the reviews being shared automatically to you social media feeds like Facebook, have a blank white square? πŸ€” Or, would you like to enhance your social media posts by adding a custom photo? Adding a logo to your Nicejob company profile or a custom photo to your reviews, might be the perfect solution. 😊

Why is there a blank white square on the reviews shared to Social Media automatically?

If there is no Logo added to your company profile and if a custom photo is not added to the review, the image on the social media post will appear as a blank white space.

How to add a default image to the social media posts automatically shared

The default image in the automatic social media posts is your company Logo.πŸ‘Œ

Uploading a company logo to your company profile will ensure an image is included in all automatic social media posts. 😊

Nicejob uses your company logo when we automatically share on Facebook, and any other social media post that does not include a unique photo. In addition, Nicejob will use the Logo in your emails requesting a review and on your microsite. 😊

You can upload a company logo on the bottom of your company profile here:

Just click upload in the grey space and select the image of your choice, and Nicejob will use that logo anytime a post is automatically shared to your social media. πŸ‘Œ

How to add a custom photo to social media posts

You can also add custom photos to reviews. 🀩 If a custom photo is added to a review Nicejob will use that photo in the social media posts shared to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. (Posts can only be shared to Instagram manually at this time)

To add a custom photo to an existing review:

  1. Head over to the Stories Page in your Nicejob account.

  2. Find the review you would like to add a photo to

  3. Click the (...) in the bottom right hand corner of the review you would like to add a photo to.

  4. Select edit story and upload a photo of the amazing work you do. 😎

Photos added to reviews after the review is left and before the review is automatically shared will be used in the social media post. πŸ‘

Adding photos to review invites, or to reviews you have received can help get you more reviews, improve engagement on your website and your social media posts! πŸ˜ƒ

Interested in adding photos to your review invites, 😎 check out this article here:

Have any questions about adding to reviews automatically shared to your social media. Please reach out to our Success department through the little blue chat bubble or email your inquiries direct at

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