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Connecting CompanyCam to NiceJob
Connecting CompanyCam to NiceJob

How to connect CompanyCam to NiceJob and what the connection does.

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What is CompanyCam?

CompanyCam is an on-site visual tool which helps business owners capture and organize photos along the job cycle for documentation and communication with customers 📸

How do I connect CompanyCam to NiceJob?

  1. Go to the Apps page in NiceJob's Product Settings:

  2. Click "Connect" on the CompanyCam App listing

  3. Log in to your CompanyCam account when prompted
    (Note: The integration only works when initial connection is done through an account with Manager or Admin access)

  4. You are connected! 😃

What does the integration do?

🎥 Watch this video:

👓 Prefer to read? Info below...

Automatically send review invites with photos

Connect CompanyCam with your CRM to automate the process of sending review invites with photos! CompanyCam connects with the following NiceJob app integrations: Jobber, Housecall Pro, HubSpot, JobTread, QuickBooks, ServiceMinder, Markate. It can also connect with any app that is available through Zapier.

  1. Connect NiceJob to your CRM on the Apps page:

  2. Connect your CRM to CompanyCam through CompanyCam’s Integrations page : Make sure you have checked the 'Sync Primary Contacts to CompanyCam' box in your integration settings. We need this to successfully link your photos to the correct customer in NiceJob)


  1. Connect NiceJob to your CRM through Zapier (see help article here)

  2. Connect your CRM to CompanyCam through Zapier (and ensure your customers' contact information is sent into CompanyCam).

Once your CRM is connected to both NiceJob and CompanyCam you can start triggering automatic review invites with photos!

For example:

  1. You create a job/proposal/invoice in your CRM for a new customer. A new project in CompanyCam will be made for that customer if one hasn't been already created.

  2. Upload photos to the project in CompanyCam.

  3. Tag your best photo of the work you have done for your customer in CompanyCam with 'NJReview'. All tagged photos will be imported to the NiceJob Stories page:

  4. Complete the job/proposal/invoice in your CRM.

  5. NiceJob automatically enters your customer into the Get Reviews campaign with the most recently tagged photo from that customer's CompanyCam Project! 🎊

Easily send review invites with photos manually

No connected CRM? You can still use CompanyCam to easily import your best photos to the NiceJob Stories page and trigger review invites from there!

  1. Create a new project in CompanyCam

  2. Upload photos to the project

  3. Tag your best photo of the work you have done for your customer in CompanyCam with 'NJReview'. All tagged photos as well as the customer's contact information will be imported to the NiceJob Stories page:

  4. Click ‘Get a review’ under the story. If your customer's contact information was saved in the CompanyCam project then the invite will go out in one click to that customer 🚀 If not, you just need to add your customer's contact information to enrol them into the Get Reviews campaign with the most recently tagged photo from your CompanyCam Project 😊

** Remember to update your customer contact details in CompanyCam for each project so that we receive the correct customer information for each photo **

Share your reviews with photos to your website and social media feeds

Once you receive a new review from a customer invited through the CompanyCam integration, it will be linked to their imported photos in your Stories page. If you have our Stories widget installed on your website (see installation instructions here), your reviews and photos will be automatically published together straight to your website! This helps drive your website conversion rate from new visitors. 📈

Your reviews and photos can also be shared together to your social media sites! You can either choose for this to be done automatically or through manual selection (see how here). This will enhance your social media posts to boost engagement!

Data we'll send or receive

  • People (customer name, email and phone number)

  • Photos

Frequently Asked Questions

How many photos can I tag in each project?

We only attach 1 photo (the most recently tagged photo from your project) to each review invite. However you can tag multiple photos to import into the Stories page which can then be shared to your website and social media channels.

What if I have multiple projects in CompanyCam for the same customer?

We will attach the photo from your latest project to your review invite.

What happens if I tag a photo in CompanyCam by accident?

If you accidentally tag a photo in CompanyCam, you can remove the 'NJReview' tag and tag a different photo in the same project. This will remove the untagged photo from NiceJob and import the new photo instead. However if you remove the 'NJReview' tag without tagging a new photo, the photo will remain in NiceJob and you will have to manually delete it from the Stories page.

If I don't have a connected CRM, when does a customer's contact details get sent to NiceJob?

If your customer's contact information has already been saved in your CompanyCam project, it will be sent to NiceJob once you tag a photo in that project with 'NJReview'. Don't have your customer's contact information saved until after the photo has been tagged? You can update it in CompanyCam after the photo has already been imported to NiceJob and we will update their information there as well!

What account permission level do I need on CompanyCam to connect with NiceJob?

In order for the 'NJReview' tag to be created, initial connection to NiceJob must be done through a Manager or Admin account on CompanyCam. The tag will not be created if connected through a Standard or Restricted account. However, all account levels will be able to use the tag to import photos once the integration has been created.

How do I connect 2 companies under the same NiceJob account?

When connecting the 2nd company, make sure to do so in incognito mode (Windows: Ctrl + Shift + n or Mac: ⌘ + Shift + n). Otherwise it will automatically connect to your 1st CompanyCam account.

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